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We are a specialist health and social care recruitment, staffing, services and supply company providing locum/temporary and permanent healthcare personnel to the public and private sectors.

We supply locum doctors, agency nurses and temporary health and social care professionals to the National Health Service (NHS) and care homes across UK through Government-Approved Framework supply agreements.

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Benefits from Genius Care

Why Choose Us?
Genius Care consultants are trained to high standards to provide expert advice on every aspect of recruitment services – from direct advertising to specialist headhunting and the latest techniques in social networking. We pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality service to all our clients, offering consultation on your employment processes.

Our consultative approach provides you with guidance and information ensuring that the most appropriate solution and the most suitable candidates are provided to your hospital or company.

We can respond to your vacancy requirements as urgently as is needed. If a candidate is required on site within twenty-four hours, we’ll assign the relevant specialists to ensure we meet your recruitment deadline.
Genius care has extensive experience in delivering to a variety of clients including NHS Trusts, Government hospitals, military institutions and private sector organisations. We have an enviable reputation for providing high quality locum, temporary and permanent doctors, nurses and allied health professionals in large volumes
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